At A-Grade Tutoring centre, we provide tutoring for all grades Kindergarten- Grade 12 and College students. The main teaching subjects are:


A diagnostic test (assessment) is the first step used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the students. The diagnostic assessment reviews a student’s knowledge and also provides information regarding the student’s interest in the core subjects (Math, Science, and English). Therefore, the assessment tool is used as an initial test in order to understand a students learning ability about different subjects. Based upon the results of the assessment, an individual program is designed in order to achieve each student’s goals.

School Year Tutoring:


During school year, students bring their home work with them to A-Grade Tutoring Centre. Our qualified teachers help to understand the homework problems. The main focus remains to understand basic concepts for every subject, so that the students build up their ability to focus on task, without being distracted. At A-Grade, we also teach strategies to students to tackle the hard problems.

"For High School Students, the foundation of core Subjects(Maths, Science,English) is really important for University/College admissions. Therefore we help to prepare class tests, Quiz, and to understand home work problems for improvement of grades.Our High School Teachers are highly qualified and have vast  experience."

Summer Tutoring Classes:

In summer, A-Grade Tutoring Centre provides SUMMER TUTORING CLASSES. The summer tutoring is provided for the months of July and August (special 8 weeks summer program). During this summer tutoring program the students learn next grades subjects: Math, Science, & English and utilize the summer break to improve the basics and to know the subjects ahead of time. Our experienced teachers focus on individual student according to his/her level determined by diagnostic test and after looking the report card. During 8 weeks summer tutoring program, Language and Mathematics skills are focused based on Ontario Curriculum which is currently being taught in classrooms.









A-Grade Tutoring Centre provides an interactive learning environment and can be reached at

Address: Unit #2, 1098 Peter Robertson Blvd,
Telephone: 905-790-1516
E-mail: info@agradetutoring.ca

Address: 7259, Redfox Road Mississauga
Telephone: 905-790-1516
E-mail: info@agradetutoring.ca